About us

This is an environment to foster Computational Thinking

ctStudio is developed with support from many students and by:

ctStudio organiser - Sören Werneburg

Sören Werneburg

PhD student

ctStudio organiser - Sven Manske

Sven Manske

PhD student

ctStudio organiser - H. Ulrich Hoppe

H. Ulrich Hoppe



  • Werneburg, S., Manske, S., & Hoppe, H. U. (2018). ctGameStudio - A Game-Based Learning Environment to Foster Computational Thinking

  • Werneburg, S., Manske, S., Feldkamp, J., & Hoppe, H. U. (2018). Improving on Guidance in a Gaming Environment to Foster Computational Thinking

  • Hoppe, H. U., & Werneburg, S. (2018). Computational Thinking - More than a Varient of Scientific Inquiry!

Thank you

Thank you to all who provided inspiration and feedback.

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